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Table diameter: 5000 mm Working length: 20000 mm 2 supports Support is from 4 parts x 5000 mm 2 faceplates 3 guideway Max. loading weight: 90 tons Main motor: 80 kW Total machine weight: 200 tons Mechanical part is 100% complete and electrical box is not.




Swing: 1650 mm Max swing with side head: 1550 mm Table diameter: 1450 mm Max working height: 1200 mm Table speed range: 2-200 rpm Max workpiece weight: 8000 kg




Turning diameter: at least 1600 mm Swing over bed: 1250 mm (diameter 2500 mm) Swing over support: 1000 mm (diameter 2000 mm) Centre distance (DBC): 12000 mm Bed width: 3000 mm Centre height: 1250 mm Spindle bore: 160 mm Stroke of quill: 160 mm Quill diameter: 320 mm Workpiece weight: 80 tons Outer clamping diameter: 1800 mm Min. clamping diameter: 200 mm Feed X: 0,06-19,2 mm/rpm Feed Z: (0,125-6) + (1-48) mm/rpm Power: 118 kW Operating voltage: 380 V; 50 Hz Rapid feed of carriage: 3000 mm/min Rapid feed of tailstock: 2300 mm/min / 1000 mm/min Machine dimensions: -Length: 19350 mm -Width: 4870 mm -Height: 2500 mm Weight: 146500 kg


[Model]D 1500


Control (3 axis X/Z/C): SIEMENS 840 D Turning diameter: 3000 mm Turning length 22300 mm Work-piece weight: 200 tons Speed: up to 60 rpm Motor power: 200 kW Railhead ram 3 rams with motor measuring system & ball screw spindle 2 boring bars (Max. boring length: 8900 mm) Boring guide bearing 2 roller blocks 3 steady rests Finish Aggregat




Used Japan face lathe φ1200*1200 Gapφ1600 Bed width: 750 Bed length: 2500 φ1200 4jaw independent chuck 5~350rpm 12step Bore: φ52 Motor: 11Kw Tail stock: MT-6


[Model]SFE 800 x 3000


Swing over bed 1590 mm Swing over support 1220 mm Turning length 3000 mm Bed width 700 (monoblock) mm Spindle bore 102 mm Spindle speeds 8-350 (12) 1 / min Tailstock 135 mm Tailstock quill stroke 300 mm Main drive motor 22 kW Max. Workpiece weight between centers 6000 kg Machine weight about 10500 kg


[Model]LEONARD 1500S


Swing over bed 2600 mm Swing over support 2200 mm Turning length 5000 mm Faceplate 2050 mm Number of spindle speeds from 0.7 to 70 rpm Total power requirement about 22 kw


[Model]TCG 125 x 5000


Conventional Heavy Duty Lathe POREBA Model: TCG 125 x 5000. Machine was designed by POREBA as a machine for special application for producing a barrel type roll for steel plant. That is the reason why it was equipped by producer with HEID ( Germany ) electrical template (electrical copying unit). That electrical template can be easily disassembled . HEAVY DUTY LATHE POREBA Model: TCG 125/5000 Manufacturer: POREBA New in: 1991 Condition: very good under power !!!! Location: our warehouse in Rudniki ? Poland Technical details: Capacities: Height of centres over the flat way: 625 mm Height of centres over the flat floor: 1225 mm Swing over bed: 1250 mm Swing over carriage: 940 mm Diameter of four-jaw chuck: 1250 mm Workholding range of the chuck min/max.: 230/1050 mm Distance between centres: 5000 mm Headstock: Spindle bore: 105 mm Spindle seat: cyl. 105 Diameter of the spindle in the front bearing: 320 mm Number of spindle speeds: 24 Overall range of spindle speeds: 1,6 - 315 rpm Spindle drive motor rating: kW 75 Maximum torque of the spindle: 63000 Nm Carriage: Width of the bed: 1100 mm Length of the saddle: 1320 mm Width of the cross slide: 550 mm Travel of cross slide: 800 mm Travel of tool slide: 600 mm Number of feed rates for each range: 20 Overall range of longitudinal feed rates: 0.18 - 160 mm/rev Range of longitudinal feed rates at: - high range of spindle speeds: 0.18 - 5 mm/rev - middle range of spindle speeds: 0.18 - 40 mm/rev - low range of spindle speeds: 0.72 - 160 mm/rev Overall range of metric threads: 1-192 mm Overall range of inch threads: 30 - 1/8 tpi Overall range of mm per min feed rates: 11.2 - 320 mm/min. Longitudinal rapid traverse: 4000 mm/min Rapid traverse motor rating: 4 kW Tailstock: Diameter of tailstock quill: 280 mm Diameter of tailstock spindle in front bearing: 170 mm Seat ( taper ) of tailstock centre: Cyl. 70 Travel of tailstock quill: 200 mm Rapid traverse of tailstock quill: 300 mm/min Rapid traverse of tailstock along the bed: 1500 mm/min Overall dimensions and weight: Length of the machine: 10700 mm Width of the lathe: 2200 mm Height of the lathe: 1930 mm Load carrying capacity in the chuck while the distance of gravity centre from the face of the chuck is equal to 350 mm: 4 t Load carrying capacity between centres - without steadies 30 t - with one steady 35 t - with two steadies 40 t Weight of the machine: 38 t This Machine is in working condition. Location: Rudniki in Poland. Delivery time: immediately


[Model]SUT 160 x 7 m


Max. turning diameter: 1620 mm Max. turning diameter over carriage: 1250 mm Distance between centers: 7000 mm Center height: 800 mm Max workpiece weight: 40000 kg Faceplate diameter: 1550 mm Max torque of face plate: 125000 Nm Overall range of spindle speeds: 0,45-224 rpm Speed feed in the Z-axis: 0,1-5000 mm/min Speed feed in the X-axis: 0,1-2000 mm/min Cross transvers the tool holder: 760 mm Main motor power: 80 kW Power capacity: 92 kW Tailstock quill diameter: 360 mm Machine dimensions: 3440x12150 mm Machine weight: 51850 kg




Origin: Germany Chuck Size : 2500mm Swing : 4000mm



[Model]Lansing 1500 - 2000 - 3000


Lansing Manual Facing and Turning Lathes Models 1500 - 2000 - 2500 Capacity Swing over Bed 60" 80" 100" Swing over cross slide 44" 64" 84" Distance between centers 40" Swing over gap 76" 96" 116" Width of Bed 79" Length of Bed 46" Bed way 3 ways Headstock Spindle bore diameter 6" OP: 9" Numbered of spindle speeds 16 steps Range of spindle speeds 4~420 rpm Spindle nose ASA A2-11 / OP:A2-15,A2-20 Top slide travel(Compound rest travel) 14.57" Max. size cutting tool size 1.57" x 1.57" Motor Main spindle Motor 30HP (22.5kw) Coolant pump Motor 1/8HP (0.1kw)



[Model]FS-LR 750


Split-Bed Design Plate diameter: 2,100 mm = 84" Swing can be increased. With tail-stock. Speed from 6 to 200 r.p.m



[Model]TPK 800*2000 mm


Swing over bed:800 mm Swing over carriage:630 mm Turning diameter in the bridge:1200 mm Max working length:1500 mm Spindle speed:7,1-700 rpm/min Max workpiece weight:6000 kg Equipment:one steady rest one face plate one chuck






Max turning diameter in gap 1500 mm Distance between centers 1500 mm Height of centers over bed: 500 mm Diameter above the bed: 1000 mm Swing over the bed slide: 700 mm Bed width: 660 mm Speeds: Number of stages: 16 / CVT Speed range: 5 - 500 U / min feeds: Number of stages: 40 Range of longitudinal feeds: 0,1 - 1,6 mm / rev Area of cross feeds: 0,05 - 0,8 mm / rev Rapid movement along: 4000 mm / min Rapid movement plan: 2000 mm / min Main motor: 40 kW






Swing over base plate: 2500 mm Swing in gap: 3200 mm Swing over bed: 1200 mm Bed lenght: 3800 mm Turning lenght of the left side saddle: 700 mm Turning lenght of the right side saddle: 650 mm Turning lenght with continuos feed of each saddle: 1700 mm Workpiece weight: 4000 kg Speeds range: 0.5 - 100 rpm Main motor rating: 40 kW Machine weight: 29 000 kg






【❖Take a look at our video!❖】 Bed swing:750 center between:1500 4~400rpm/5~500rpm(50/60Hz) chuck:φ600 Bed length:2900mm With push stand ✤If there is a discrepancy between the specifications and the actual product, the actual product will prevail.




Swing Over bed 1500 Swing over gap2000 Swing over cross slide 1100 Distance Between centers 3000 4-jaw chuck 1500 bad width 900 main motor 25 HP weight 13500kg Spindle bore 50φ




Turning speed:5~180rpm chuck: 4-jaw independentφ1270 Hole diameter:φ130 Hole through diameter:φ55 Work length:1000 Swing: over bedφ1400/ tool postφ500




chuck:1000 Swing:1150 hole through diameter:φ110 Work length:2400 2-rest Digital 2-axis Control panel (Model:NAK 50,60Hz 220V Motor 15kw)




φ1200*1200 Gapφ1600  Bed width: 750 φ1260  4jaw independent chuck   5-350rpm 12step  11Kw Bite □40  Tail stock:MT-6  S-260




1600*1750 Swing over bed:1200mm Spindle hole diameter:φ52mm 5-350rpm


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