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Coordinate Measuring Machines / 3D Scanners


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S:500*400*400 T:634*820 Max measure heignt:510 Max table load:160kg




Measuring range:900*1180*650 ST-AC Auto chainging head


[Model]Crysta-APEX C123010


X1205 Y3005 Z1005mm Resolution:0.0001mm T:1400x3965mm Workpiece Max Height:1200mm load:3000kg






[Model]Crysta-Plus M776


Manual X700*Y700*Z600mm




T:550x750mm X510 Y710 Z455mm Resolution:0.00000039" 0.01?m Max Workpiece Height:706mm Max Workpiece Weight:200kg




Measuring Range(XYZ):650x500x450mm T:1270x800mm PC(WinXP Core2 DUO)




Image sensor 4 million pixels CMOS image sensor Measurement range:600*300*200 Stage withstand load:25kg X axis movable range ± 100mm 1 probe 6 marker


[Model]Crysta-Apex C7106




[Model]Crysta-Plus M443






Measuring range:300x250x150mm Probe connection port: 2inputs




Range of measurement:600*500*300 Probe RENISHAW PH1


[Model]CRYSTA-Apex S9106




[Model]ACCURA 12/18/10 RDS


ZEISS CNC DOUBLE COLUMN COORDINATE MEASURING MACHINE Year: 2020 Model: ACCURA 12/18/10 RDS X/Y/Z axis travel: 1,200/1,800/1,000mm| Table loading capacity: 5,000kg Resolution: 0.0002mm Probe head system: 3D RDS/VAST XXT Max. extension bar length: 30-150mm Rotating direction: Horizontal ±180゚/ Vertical ±180゚(2.5゚per indexing, Pneumatic driven) Software: CALYPSO CAD interface: SAT, STEP Measuring axis speed: 300mm/s, moving speed: 1,400mm/s2 Measuring vector speed: 520mm/s, moving speed: 2,400mm/s2 Machine dimension: 2,197x2,540x3,556mm Machine weight: 5,900kg Accessories: Basic probe kit Reference sphere Control panel


[Model]Crysta-Plus M574


Software PC hardware replaced Calibrated in 2023




JPY 495,000

Measuring range: 300*300*300 QM-Data Manual measurement




Model Controller XM-1500 Head XM-C1000 Head base monitor section XM-M1200 Head base movable stage section XM-S1200 Camera Probe Stage Marker XM-T1200 Image sensor 4 million pixels CMOS Measurement range 600*300*200(mm) Minimum display unit 1㎛ Measurement accuracy Repeatability When stage is locked          ±3㎛       Repeatability When stage is unlocked ±4㎛ Indication error When stage is locked ±8㎛ Indication error When stage is unlocked ± (10 L/100)㎛ Stage section load capacity 25kg        X-axis movable range ±100mm Rotation range ±60° Number of probes 2 ✤If there is a discrepancy between the specifications and the actual product, priority will be given to the actual product.

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