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Hydraulic Press / 1000T~, Unknown


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Nominal force: 630 tons Slide stroke: 800 mm Max. distance between table and slide: 1600 mm Table dimensions: -Length: 1400 mm -Width: 1250 mm Nominal force of ejector: at least 100 tons Stroke of ejector: 450 mm Slide speed at: -Idle stroke down: at least 100 mm/s -Working stroke: at least 2,5 mm/s -Returning stroke: 45 mm/s Speed of ejector up: 16-50 mm/s Nominal force of returning cylinders: 80 tons Number of preforms: 3 Press dimensions: -Left-to-right: 4180 mm -Front-to-back: 2330 mm -Height above floor level: 5570 mm Press weight: 33000 kg




Capacity: 1000 tons




-Force 3150 ton -Stroke 1000 mm -Shut height 2200 mm -Speed of slide 200 mm/sec -Table 1600 x 2000 mm -Dimensions 14800x10000x7100 mm -Weight 330 tons




? Force 5000 ton ? Stroke 1250 mm ? Shut height 2500 mm ? Speed of slide 200 mm/sec ? Table 2000 x 2500 mm ? Dimensions 11440 x 17460 x 8230 ? Weight 510 ton




S:600 DL:1000 SL:1500*1100 BL:1500*1200




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Maker: Kawasaki Model: TMP2-1000 Year: 1991 Capacity: 1000 tons Pressure adjustment range: 42-245kg/cm2 Lifting power: 50.9tf Maximum stroke: 1000mm Daylight: 1800mm Table size: 2000 x 1500 mm Slide dimensions: 2000 x 1500 mm No-load descending speed: 300mm/s Release output: 75tf Release speed: 50-5mm/s Lower KO Output: 16.5tf Lower KO Pressure: 210kgf/cm2 Lower KO Stroke (mm): 250mm Lower KO rising speed: 110mm/s Lower KO pad dimensions: 1400 x 600 mm




[Model]HFA 14000


TECHNICAL PART Press Design drive system: hydraulic frame design: H-frame, monoblock quick die change system: yes feedstock transport direction: left to right Slide total force (nominal): 1400to stroke: 340mm slide (hydr. Press) approximation velocity max.: 100mm/s working velocity min.: 5mm/s working velocity max.: 40mm/s return velocity max.: 120mm/s Counter Ram nominal force: 350to stroke: 50mm V-Ring nominal force: 700to stroke: 50mm Tool Dimensions lower table (left-right): 1270mm lower table (front-back): 1800mm upper table (left-right): 1200mm upper table (front-back): 1200mm tool width max.: 1150mm tool depth max.: 1150mm shut height max.: 940mm tool weight max.: 6000kg Overall Specifications (coil lines) sheet width max: 650mm sheet thickness max: 18mm max. weight of coil: 7.5to feed velocity max.: 10m/min feedstock transport direction: left to right Coil Chair max. weight of coil: 7.5to Decoiler design: single reel sheet width max: 100mm sheet width (min): 650mm max. weight of coil: 7.5to max. diameter of coil: 2000mm mandrel expansion range from: 470mm mandrel expansion range up to: 530mm Leveller Unit sheet width max: 650mm sheet width (min): 100mm sheet thickness max: 16mm sheet thickness (min): 2mm number of leveller rolls: 8 diameter of leveller rolls: 127mm distance between leveller rolls: 134mm diameter of feed rolls: 160mm feed velocity min.: 1m/min feed velocity max.: 10m/min loop controls: yes Leveller Unit sheet width max: 500mm sheet width (min): 50mm number of leveller rolls: 21 diameter of leveller rolls: 56mm diameter of feed rolls: 150mm feed velocity max.: 15m/min Strip-Feeder feeder type: roll feeder sheet width max: 630mm sheet thickness max: 20mm feeding step max.: 999.9mm Electrical specifications mains voltage: 400V mains frequency: 50Hz Technical Description Coil line SCHULER, consisting of: - coil chair - coil reel SCHULER HES 12-850 - straightener SCHULER RM 8-125/160-0650 (650x16 mm) - additional leveller ARKU 21 rolls (500x 6 mm)

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