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[Model]DLZ 630


Max. work-piece diameter over bed: -Nominal: 630 mm -Max.: 660 mm Max. work-piece diameter over support: -At short slides: 400 mm -At long slides: 320 mm Max. work-piece diameter in a notch in front of a faceplate: 720 mm Length of a notch in front of a faceplate: 265 mm Height of centers: -Over bed: 305 mm -Over floor level: 1125 mm Bed width: 550 mm Working spindle bore: 72 mm Faceplate: -Diameter: 630 mm -Width: 120 mm Transversal section of the cutter: -Width: 40 mm -Height: 40 mm Side length of the tool holder: 200 mm Number of revs of the main electric motor: 1400 rpm Number of spindle speeds: 18 Max. allowable number of faceplate revs: 560 rpm Feeds: -Longitudinal feeds: -Number: 68 -Range: 0,035-10 mm/rev -Transversal feeds: -Number: 68 -Range: 0,014-4 mm/rev Speed of rapid stroke: -Longitudinally: 5000 mm/min -Transversely: 2000 mm/min Thread: -Step: -Number: 84 -Range: 0,2-224 mm -Inch: -Number: 94 -Range: 140-1/8 threads per inch -Module: -Number: 72 -Range: 0,1-112 -Pitch: -Number: 94 -Range: 280-1/4 Machine dimensions: -Length: 2300 (+ distance between centers) mm -Width: 1850 mm -Height: 1725 mm




39~1500rpm chuck:3-jawφ200 hole diameterφ50 Swing: over bed φ460 Tool postφ200




Turning speed:52~1620rpm chuck: 3-jawφ230 hole diameter:φ65 Hole through diameter:φ50 Swing : over bed:φ440 Tool post:φ160




φ400*650 Spindle hole diameter: φ52mm 65-2500rpm





7"3-jaw chuck #840072




Bed:φ450  Cross:φ240  Between center:700 Spindle 8steps (25-1600) Main mortor:3.7kw  3 jaw scroll chuck φ350 

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